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[Weiss Schwarz] The 8 Choices of Adventure Time

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Did you always want a flexible deck? This deck offers you not 1, not 2, but 8 Choices! Whether you want a strong finishing gameplan, a defensive compression gameplan, or a board-centric gameplan, this deck gives you the options to change to whatever the matchup suits you.

The List

Let’s talk a little bit about our first choice in deckbuilding.

Choice 1: The Core

The Finn-isher

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3/2 Finn the Human & Jake the Dog is one of the strongest finishers in the English Format. When you manage to pull of triple Finn & Jake, you’ll be swinging for an expected damage of 7.9, and 74.58% to kill from 3/0 against a 8 in 28 deck. To put it in perspective, Triple Mikasa is expected to deal 7.3 damage under the same circumstances, and only has 64.34% to kill from 3/0! Finn & Jake also doesn’t need to reverse anything, and has the option to side attack occasionally for better damage manipulation.

Having 11k base power, and also being a healer makes this an excellent top-end and a clear build around for any Adventure Time deck.

The Level 1

I’ll be very honest with you. I didn’t plan this deck to be an 8 Choice deck, but actually as a Stocksoul/Choice deck, utilizing 1/0 Finn: Prince Hotbod to wall the opponent out together with 1/0 Finn: Trusty Weapon, and a global 500 on the backrow. Turns out finding backups is kinda hard when your combo isn’t very selective.

In comes a selective combo to fix all of our problems.

A selective on-attack plussing combo that also becomes strong on attack and mills to increase its own selection pool?!? Sounds strong right? Well, kinda. Here comes the downsides:

  • 8 Choice triggers
    • Forces you to run a high trigger count
    • Forces you to mill your deck in order to activate your triggers
  • Experience 2
    • Essentially forces you to level one of those triggers that you want to keep for your 8 Choice lineup
    • Forces you to level a finisher (Occasionally)
    • Can make you miss combo if you only have off-color level 2+ in clock, and you hit 1/0 (Not often)
    • Can make you miss combo if you don’t manage to get any level 2+ in your clock (Not often)
  • Mandatory mill 2 on play
    • If you eat too much early on, you might end up milling all of those climaxes that have been hiding in your deck

Let’s see how we solve these problems.

Choice 2: Trade-offs due to Colors and Triggers

While Yellow has a lot of strong tools, when looking at the pool of cards, you’ll notice a lot of strong cards in Red as well. I have opted against these options in favor of the on-color versions to improve midgame consistency.

However, in order to improve the trigger count, getting access to 3/2 Princess Bubblegum: Sending Off on a Quest in Red felt preferable over the 2/1 Demon Blood Sword.

Flow of the Game

Choice 3: Prepping on Level 0


I’d also make that face if I crashed that many times each game 🙁

The choices already start at level 0 and they’re presented by the 0/0 Wildberry Princess. Every time she dies, you get a couple of options:

Level 1

So you made it through level 0 and you’re going to use your 1/0 Jake climax combo, everything is cool and stuff.

Now you’re presented with some more choices for the direct future

Choice 4: Walling with Stockchargers

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your opponent side attack into your stockcharger 1/0 Finn: Trusty Weapon. By targeting power thresholds that your opponent can’t hit, you can generate a lot of value with this line.

If you see your opponent only hits 7k on attack (TSK’s 1/0 Shizu, KS’ 1/0 Yunyun, RZ’s 1/0 Emilia), try and prepare 1 Brainstorm, 1 Backup and a couple of 1/0 Finn: Trusty Weapon. Prepare another brainstorm if they hit 7.5k. You’ll be generating a lot of stock to go into a strong mid and late game on offense, and the opponent will often side attack into your board, letting you preserve hand as well.

However, what to do if you walk up against some strong standbyed out walls? There’s 2 options

Choice 5: Become the Saekano

As a wise man once said: “Don’t fight battles you can’t win. Instead, go full Saekano and slam every card into your memory”. Or something like that.

Just crash your memory cards in, and try to get as many copies of 1/1 Scarlet, the Golden Sword of Battle into your memory. This way, 3/2 Jake the Dog will often be able to push through their walls once you hit level 2.

Alternately, you could just

Choice 6: Loop Combo

Always works. Just note that the Stockcharge line is actually stronger in the correct matchups

Late Game

So you’ve survived the mid game. If you’re freefarming your opponent with stock chargers, you probably won’t need to choose anything. However if you didn’t get that option you might need to choose between the following 2 styles.

Choice 7: Board Control + Healing Down

Very often it’s correct to just slam these 3/2 Finn & Jake cxc‘s down on board as a vanilla 11k healer, and very often they will also survive, with the help of 3/2 Princess Bubblegum: Sending Off on a Quest and some backups. Her bounce ability allows you to disrupt your opponent’s field, and open up potential memory kicks on their most important level 3’s.

When you’re in a pinch, you can always try to draw into your climax and

Choice 8: Finnish the opponent

As earlier said, this deck has one of the strongest finishers and triple combo will often finish from 3/0. You’ll need to stockpile 10 stock, which is not incredibly easy, but it’s definitely worth the shot. Even if you don’t manage to finish them, the heal on play might make it so that you survive, and the power on 3/2 Finn & Jake might make it so that they get a second chance next turn.

Things to watch out for

Oh, how I dread the bread

Be very very careful with stockpiling too much stock, cause public enemy number 1 will be coming after you as soon as you’re hitting a good compression.

Memory kicks and such will prevent your Finnisher from burning 2 at the end of attack, so make sure you don’t walk into these.


Only 1 Riki??

Yes, I found Riki to be underwhelming, since it kinda clashes with 0/0 Wildberry Princess. I only really liked having it when I didn’t have a Wildberry Princess opener or when going second and made 2 attacks, in which case I could also just search Riki with Wildberry Princess.

Revealing your hand with the brainstorm suuuuucks 🙁

It kinda does, but at the same time not that much. Since you run the lv 1 Choice combo, the opponent is already supposed to know what you salvaged, and the little bit of extra information that you’re giving just isn’t as relevant. The global 500 on the other hand proves very relevant on every level of the game.

Let me know your questions in the comments below and I’ll add them in here

Final thoughts

Overall, this is a very challenging and fun deck, and in my opinion one of the strongest decks in Adventure Time and a very competitive deck in the English Format. While it has some awkwardness in the form of setting up the Waiting Room for Choice triggers, and requiring Experience, I believe this deck will be topping a lot once the competitive circuit goes live again. I also believe that this deck is strong enough to hold back DAL from being a lone S-tier deck, and that the design team has done a very good job with designing this set.

Currently, I’m still exploring other Adventure Time builds and also Mob Psycho 100 builds, so look forward to those articles/videos. If you’d like to get updates on our content, you could join our Discord server, in which we update you whenever we create new content, organize weekly free tournaments, and higher payout tournaments, and simulate sick graphs as earlier in this article.

If you have any questions or remarks, just let us know in the comments, or contact me on Discord.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you back next time!

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