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[Weiss Schwarz] IanTCG x CardMarket Tournament Summary

So that happened.

Our celebratory Weiss Schwarz Tournament has concluded! Last Sunday we held the IanTCG x CardMarket Tournament via Discord and Webcam with the help of our trusty Tournament Bot. The matches were streamed on our Twitch Channel and commentated on by the Team & Friends. You can watch The Swiss Rounds VOD here.

For our first online tournament, we were pretty happy with a total of 36 participants – some even from Chile or Australia – playing a total of 14 different sets. In Swiss, the decks played consisted of:

Swiss Representation

6x BD3x FS2x LSS1x AW
6x KS2x GBS2x RZ1x Fjm
4x SAO2x P51x AOT
3x TSK2x SBY1x CCS

After Round 6 and a Top Cut, the Top 8 representation boiled down to:

3x BD
1x GBS
1x TSK
1x AOT
1x FS
1x SAO

Notable here:

  • The complete lack of Konosuba Decks in Top 8, even though it initially made up ~17% of total decks and
  • AOT making it, even though it was the only AOT Deck to participate, only making up ~3% of total decks
  • Two Three Australians made it into Top 8, two went until the finals

In the end, Vince from Australia smashed his way through the competition, winning the entire tournament without a single loss piloting his very interestingly named Goblin Slayer deck: “Gobbledygook”!


For a detailed explanation of this deck written by Vince himself, head on over into our discord server.

Until the next time – keep winning!

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