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Opus XV: Crystal Dominion Booster Box


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Booster boxes have 36 packs and will most likely also have a box-topper promo inside.

Release date: November 26th, 2021

■Introducing a new feature, “Crystals”!

Having gone through the Crystal trilogy of Opus XII, Opus XIII, and Opus XIV, FFTCG now gains a new power. A portion of the Character abilities and Summons will now appear with a new cost to be paid called “Crystals”, not the usual “Crystal Points (CP).” Use abilities and more to gain “Crystals,” and experience the latest strategy. Dice or counters can be used to keep track of the number of Crystals, but Crystal Dominion includes two kinds of premium version Crystal cards, and these can also be used during games.

Additionally, starting with this set, the product’s title will no longer include the “Opus” text and instead will include the subtitle only. Along with avoiding new players feeling intimidated by a high number, the prominent subtitle imparts an even stronger sense of the FINAL FANTASY atmosphere.

Fire Element Card of Machina holding Rem as depicted in Type-0.Light Card of Noctis and Lunafreya from FFXV standing side by side.Wind Card featuring Theatrhythm versions of Bartz and Boko

Legacy cards appear once again in this set, with particularly popular cards from past sets included as premium full art cards. In Crystal Dominion, the following three are included: Ace [9-003L], Yiazmat [9-057L], and Ashe [10-106L].


■Card Count

Normal: 130 cards

Premium: 166 cards (of these, 24 are full art cards)


1 pack includes 12 cards

1 box includes 36 packs

1 pack includes 1 premium card