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[D-BT04] Awakening of Chakrabarthi Booster Box


Release Date: February 11th, 2022

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Release DateFebruary 11th, 2022
Featured NationsDragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, Keter Sanctuary, Stoicheia
Card Types120 types of cards (120 new cards) (RRR: 15 / RR: 15 / R: 30 / C: 60)
Parallels: 107 types planned (DSR: 2 + SSR: 5 + SP: 50 + H: 50)
2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!
Others1 pack contains 7 random cards
1 display contains 16 packs


Featuring units that appear in the climax scenes of the CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress animation Season 2!

Support cards for decks constructed from Booster Pack 03: Advance of Intertwined Stars
and Start Deck 06: Mirei Minae -Sealed Blaze Maiden- are also included!

New units revealed!
As featured in the weekly VG Bites. Do keep a lookout for more reveals!
overDress Weekly Bites Ep29
overDress Weekly Bites Ep29
overDress Weekly Bites Ep29
Keep a lookout for more reveals!

Exclusive box toppers you should not miss out on!
Each display will include 4 pieces of sleeves in a random design for players to use for the Ride Deck* mechanic!
6 different designs available!
※While stocks last

※While stocks last
* A Ride Deck refers to a deck of 4 pieces that you prepare separately from your main deck, consisting of 1 unit of each grade (0~3). You can ride from your Ride Deck during Ride Phase.

Tournament store-exclusive booster release campaign!
Get 1 PR pack free with your purchase of any 10 packs of English Edition Vanguard products!
This PR pack contains 1 random card out of 6 types of cards, with a chance of getting a foil parallel for each type (as shown in the bottom row)!
From left to right: “Blaze Maiden, Elba”, “Steam Maiden, Lunakia”, “Aurora Battle Princess, Accuse Makarite”, “Discernment Magic, Pupurira”, “Sylvan Horned Beast, Enpix”, and “Practicing in Secret, Mayzie”
※While stocks last
D Booster Pack 04 Campaign PR Pack

Box / Case