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[D-BT02] A Brush with the Legends Booster Box


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One English Edition booster box of the second overDress set: A Brush with the Legends. Pre-order bonus items will be distributed on a First Come, First Serve basis while supplies last.

Strengthen up your decks constructed from the 5 Start Decks and Booster Pack 01 “Genesis of the Five Greats” even further with our newest Booster Pack 02!

2 brand new Ride Lines!

With the introduction of Ride Deck in overDress, we are pleased to feature 2 brand new Ride Lines in this product! Cards with strong connection and compatibility in their skills from a Ride Deck form a Ride Line! Ride Lines have never been this consistent and players will definitely be excited to use their Ride Deck to play out the abilities from these groups of units!
Details on the units from these 2 brand new Ride Lines will be revealed in our upcoming COTDs on our website and social media sites, as well as in our Distributor Newsletter. Lookout for the card reveals as we anticipate that they will create a wave of excitement among the players!
2 types of DSR (Dress Secret Rare) with original illustration by the world-renowned CLAMP!
Exclusive illustrations for DSR that can only be found here!
Danji & Bruce – “Diablos, “Violence” Bruce”
Tohya & Bastion – “Apex Ruler, Bastion”
※DSR (Dress Secret Rare) are included randomly.

3 PRE-ORDER BONUS ITEMS will be included if you order by the deadline!
※While stocks last!
① Box Topper – PR Card
Pre-orders confirmed before the deadline will get a random English exclusive overDress PR card in every display!
(Total types of cards will be announced at a later date.)
Stay tuned to our official website for more details to be revealed!
② Box Topper – Power Counter
Power+100000000 (100 Million) on the Front with the Character Illustration!
Critical+1 on the Back with the Unit Illustration!
7 different designs featuring the key characters on the front and the key unit on the back of each card to be collected in total!
Each display will have 1 piece of a random design for players to use during their cardfights!
Use them as counters for your Over Trigger!
③ Tournament Stores Exclusive PR Pack (with every purchase of 4 packs)
Official tournament stores that confirm their pre-orders by the deadline specified will get this PR pack!
Players will get 1 PR pack for every 4 packs of D-BT02 purchased!
Each pack contains 1 out 10 types of cards from Booster Pack 02 “A Brush with the Legends” R and C rarities with holo foil treatment!
※limited quantities per store

Product Specifications
1 pack contains 7 random cards
1 display contains 16 packs
120 types of cards (120 new cards)
(RRR: 10 / RR: 15 / R: 30 / C: 65)
+ Parallels: 92 types (DSR: 2 + SP: 40 + H: 50)
2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!

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